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Martin Bashir Quits Over Sarah Palin Remarks!


The top newsman, Martin Bashir who is know for his TV interviews with Michael Jackson and Princess Diana was forced to step down from his job as an anchorman for U.S. political news network MSNBC after he made offensive comments about Sarah Palin. Martin Bashir did get himself into trouble and had already already acknowledged when he made the rudest ... Read More »

‘This Is It’ Director Was Worried if Michael Jackson Could Make it Through the Tour

Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour director Kenny Ortega was worried that Michael Jackson might not be able to pull off the tour. This Is It director, Kenny Ortega testified in the wrongful death suit that Michael Jackson’s Mother and three children have brought against concern promoter and producer AEG Live. Kenny Ortega testified that he was worried, “that all ... Read More »

Michael Jackson Went Without Sleep for 60 Days!

Michael Jackson had spent a full 60 days without any ‘real’ sleep as per the expert testimony at his wrongful death trail. Michael Jackson was having trouble sleeping and it has propofol that helped him sleep, and ultimately caused his death in 2009. Jackson reportedly called propofol, the powerful anesthetic, his “milk.” Charles Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D., from the Division Of ... Read More »