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The Hobbit Rules Box Office!

The Hobbit remains the Lord of Box Office. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey remained at the top of Box Office at #1 for the second straight week with $36.7 million in ticket sales. Usually new releases are expected to hit the top, but with The Hobbit at the top, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher is at #2 with $15.6 million in ... Read More »

Red Faction Ps3 review

Red Faction: Guerrilla surprised gamers with its open-world approach and creative application of destruction options. Red Faction: Armageddon will surprise Guerrilla fans who haven’t been following preview coverage, because in many ways it does the opposite of Guerrilla: instead of an open world you get linear corridors; instead of tons of vehicles to tool around in, you get a handful ... Read More »

Justin Bieber Gets a New Haircut!!

Looks like this must so far have been the most important news of this year. JUSTIN BIEBER GOT A NEW HAIRCUT!! OH MY GOD!! Justin Bieber’s iconic hair flap turns little girls into raging monsters! Looks like Justin Bieber is gonna miss that.Yes, you guessed right. I don’t think he can flap his hair in his new haircut. On TMZ ... Read More »