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Actress Marsha Mason sells New Mexico farm


SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Actress Marsha Mason, the star of films such as “The Goodbye Girl,” is saying goodbye to farm life. Mason tells The Santa Fe New Mexican ( that she has finally sold her 247-acre farm in Abiquiu, N.M. The sale on the property, which had been listed for more than six years, closed Jan. 31. Despite ... Read More »

Obama Says He is Christian By Choice

We are all aware of the controversial survey in US by TIME Magazine where 24% of Americans believed that Obama was a Muslim. Today Obama tried to break the controversy. At a backyard conversation with voters in New Mexico, he was asked by a women what faith did he follow. Obama responded, “I am a Christian by choice”. Obama said ... Read More »

Book space tickets for $200,000

Book a ticket to Space for $200,000. This is the most recent trend merging among people to get a chance to fly over the Earth into Space. Virgin Galactic’s civilian spaceflight program will now let you billionares have the chance to experience the awe-inspiring majesty and beauty of the universe! Each ticket includes a three-day training session at Virgin’s Spaceport ... Read More »

Some Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid Effect

The Asteriod that is assumed to have hit the earth and eliminated the dinosaurs from the world might have took place. But  a new discovery of the fossil found claims that few of the dinosaurs might have been escapsed from the catastrophe. Boy now the scientist are in  big trouble in explaining the facts. So far the scientist claimed that ... Read More »