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Living Man is ‘Legally Dead’ in Ohio!

If you are alive, you are not dead. But you can still be legally dead if the law decides you are as good as dead. This is what happened to a US man, from Ohio. He was declared dead after he disappeared nearly three decades ago and now cannot be declared officially alive, though he has returned home and is ... Read More »

California Gold Rush 2.0

The California Gold rush is back after 160 Years. This time it seems to be recession driven. The number of people coming to California to pan for gold is up as the economy has gone down. Professional gold panners say they make an average of $60 to $80 in a day, but most amateurs who do it recreationally make significantly ... Read More »

Five year old shoots himself with father’s gun

A five-year-old boy died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds in Hamilton, Ohio, the Journal News newspaper reported online. The death was from an ‘accidental, self-inflicted gunshot’, Debbie Lacey, the coroner’s investigator, was quoted as saying late Monday. The boy, Zachariah Nesbitt, shot himself Saturday night at his home with a 9mm Glock handgun. The bullet went through his lung, Lacey said. ... Read More »