Sunday , 28 November 2021
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Bitcoin Startups to Get Funding from Silicon Valley


Bitcoin start-ups might just have got the much needed push to help them make some noise in the eCommerce market space. A Paypal investor is ready to fund and help with the growth of any Bitcoin-related start-ups. Plug and Play Tech Center, which has three locations in Silicon Valley and which was a seed investor in PayPal, has announced the ... Read More »

Facebook tests ‘pay to promote post’ tool

Facebook is testing a new system, ‘pay to promote’ that will allow users to pay a fee and promote or highlight their posts. They have started testing this system in New Zealand. It is still not confirmed if Facebook will be taking this global. But Facebook has said that they are just experimenting to see if people are willing to ... Read More »

Anonymous Hackers arrested!

Spain Police has gained success in identifying the Anonymous hackers after they arrest three people connected to the hacking of Master Card, Paypal and Amazon. The arrests were made simultaneously in three Spanish cities – Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. Anonymous Hacker had earlier claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony, Spanish banks because of the World Govt action against the whistle ... Read More »

Bank of America Website Down!

Bank of America’s website has been down most of the morning and there’s no sign of any progress towards restoring the site. The bank is responding to users about the problem on Twitter via @BofA_Help. The website hasn’t been responding for about 6 hours for some users. A BofA spokeswoman has said the problems began for the bank’s website at ... Read More »