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Cops Swarm Ashton Kutcher’s Home!!

Ashton Kutcher‘s home in Los Angeles was swarmed by the local police after they received complained that there was an apparent robbery in progress at his residence. Within minutes of receiving a 911 call regarding a home invasion and a heist by armed gunmen, police surrounded and sealed-off Ashton Kutcher’s home. But this appears to be a pathetic prank as ... Read More »

Armed Man Arrested in London’s Shopping District

A 49-year-old man was arrested after hours of stand off between him and Police. The man armed with gas canisters entered an office building and threatened to blow himself up.   Police with full tactical gear and snipers surrounded and put several blocks of central London’s shopping district into lockdown. A shirtless man in green khaki pants was seen being ... Read More »

UK Police Identifies Body Found in Queen’s Estate

The UK police have identified the body of a women found in the Queen’s vast estate. The remains of a woman found on one of Queen Elizabeth’s vast estates belong to a 17-year-old missing girl, British detectives investigating the murder said Sunday. The body was found by a dog walker on New Year’s Day in woodland three miles (five kilometers) ... Read More »

Metal Space Ball crashes in Namibia!

A large metal ball from space has crash landed in Namibia. It just fell out of the sky into some remote grassland. Authorities in Namibia have contacted NASA and the European Space Agency requesting them to investigate this alien object. The hollow ball with a circumference of 1.1 metres (43 inches) was found near a village in the north of ... Read More »