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US will not surrender its role as Global Power

American Defence Secretary Leon Panetta, has made a public statement, stating US will not surrender its role as a global power. Since 2008 recession, countries such as China, Russia, Libya, Iran have been calling for a change in International monitory system which is in the control of US. The reason for the call in change, according to the world leaders, ... Read More »

Why so much hype into Saudi Woman lashing?

Saudi Woman named ‘Shema’ was sentenced to 10 lashing by the Saudi court for breaking the ban of  woman driving in the country which was against the country’s law which was then overturned by the Saudi King Abdullah . I fail to understand why there is so much hype particularly generated by western media who are running behind this issue ... Read More »

US and Russia share talks on Iran threat

The cold war legends USA and Russia have joined hands to tackle the iran threat. Fearing  the  possibility that Iran may rise as a new  Nuclear Threat towards the global power makes the  developed countries  work hard onto it. Iran, a country of Middle east, has recently been on the NEWS for all the bad reasons . Right from the ... Read More »

Get a Monitor to Monitor you!

Yep! Thats exactly what Japanese monitor maker Eizo Nanao Corporation has done. They have proudly announced their “EcoView Sense” feature in their monitors. So what does this “EcoView Sense” thingy do? To put it in layman’s terms its a motion detector. Its gonna detect whether a person is sitting in front of it. So why do we need a motion ... Read More »