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Elitmus pH Test question pattern

Guys first of all, this is an information on  One set of the question paper which i faced today 25-july-2010. There are 4 sets of question paper  A,B,C,D I received the Set A paper. I was asked to attend 60 questions with 120 min time allocation. First 20 questions were purely probability type. Am not sure this is from R.S.Agarwal ... Read More »

Teenage Pregnancy Rates Decreasing?

For many, this statement is authentic. In the United States, teenage pregnancies are decreasing. The reasoning ranges from safe sex programs and the parents being an operational part in their child’s life. There are ample of reasons why teenage pregnancies are decreasing in the last few years in the United States. When the statistics reveal that these figures are decreasing, ... Read More »

Now viruses in ATMs

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Yep its true, Russia leading computer security company Kaspersky has warned banks about a new software virus that infects Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) to steal money from bank accounts of their users. Kaspersky claimed that they have discovered a new virus in the network of several bank ATMs. So what does a virus do in an ... Read More »