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Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell Robbed

Evan Rachel Wood and new husband Jamie Bell were robbed — less than a week after getting married. “Dude!! @1jamiebell and i just got robbed!!” tweeted the actress late on Sunday. “Found our room ransacked. We are safe and have everything we need. So all is well. #damn.” Neither Wood nor Bell offered any additional details. Gossip Cop has reached ... Read More »

Cops Swarm Ashton Kutcher’s Home!!

Ashton Kutcher‘s home in Los Angeles was swarmed by the local police after they received complained that there was an apparent robbery in progress at his residence. Within minutes of receiving a 911 call regarding a home invasion and a heist by armed gunmen, police surrounded and sealed-off Ashton Kutcher’s home. But this appears to be a pathetic prank as ... Read More »

Lack of porn violates US Constitution?!?

This is exactly what seems to be the complain of a Michigan jail inmate. Kyle Richards says he is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment just because he does not have access to porn. In a handwritten lawsuit, 21-year-old Kyle Richards claims his civil rights are being violated at the Macomb County Jail. Richards says denying his request for ... Read More »

Police Hunt for ‘Goldilocks’ Styled Thief

The British police are on the lookout for a thief who seems to be inspired by the fairy tale character “Goldilocks”. He breaks into houses, eats the available food, takes a good nap before robbing electronics and other stuffs from the house. Essex detectives said they were trying to trace Jesse Dobinson who is suspected of carrying out two burglaries ... Read More »

Lindsay Lohan a Theif ??

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing a $2500 worth necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store on January 22. Surveillance video from the store shows Lindsay with the necklace in question and there are photos of her wearing what appears to be the same necklace a week later. Lindsay seems to deny the charges against her and said, “I ... Read More »