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Russia presents new draft counter-terrorism resolution in UN


Russia has tabled another draft resolution against terrorism at the UN Security Council (SC), Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday after a meeting between Russian and Egyptian foreign and defense ministers. “We do not only rely on basic principles, namely the need to fight terrorism without exception approved by the SC and the UN’s other units, but also bear ... Read More »

Bitcoin is now illegal in Russia


The hatred for Bitcoin keep by our beloved governments continue to heat up. The latest being that Russia has outlawed Bitcoin. The internet currency Bitcoin is being quite a threat to the regular government currency and governments do understand it could destabilize the currency value. Russia has decided to act. Russia’s Prosecutor General has declared use of bitcoin illegal in ... Read More »

Mikhail Kalashnikov Inventor of Assault Rifle Dies


The inventor of the assault rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov has died at the age of 94 according to various reports coming from Russia. Mikhail Kalashnikov is know his design of the automatic rifle that become the world’s most popular and widely used weapons. Mikhail design was so simple that it was also relatively cheap to manufacture. Also since it was simple ... Read More »

Facebook Blocked in Russia?

Facebook has been blocked in Russia. Russia’s has decided that Facebook is just too much of an annoyance that it best be eliminated. Russia’s Internet blacklist, which can blackhole websites for reasons ranging from copyright infringement through to drug-related information, has welcomed its highest profile addition. Russia’s telecoms watchdog has confirmed that Facebook has been added to the list leaving ... Read More »