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Pinterest Announces Unlimited Secret Boards!


One of our favorite Pinterest features was the ‘secret board’ that allowed us to keep a private collection that we are not yet ready to share with our friends. Pinterest too has understood that there is no point in limiting users with the number of secret boards, they have just announced that now users can create unlimited secret boards. From ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Become Famous on Facebook


Do you want to become famous on Facebook? This is a goal many people have – even if it’s just their “15 minutes of fame” that they’re after. Because Facebook is such a large social network, it’s actually easy to become popular and famous if you go about it the right way. The list of ideas below will help you ... Read More »

40% of Accounts on Facebook, Twitter are Spam!

A new report by an anti-spam company says that 40 percent of accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites are just spam. Bummer! This is not going to help Facebook stock recover. 40% is a shockingly high percentage which will come to 1 in 2 accounts as spam accounts. This is really not going to boost our confidence ... Read More »

Crackdown on Social Media begins!

After vowing to defeat the rioters, Prime Minister Cameron has succeeded in stopping the rioters in most part of London by deploying thousands of cops and arresting hundreds of  rioters. However, an interesting action has been taken to stop the riots and the rioters  in future. PM Cameron has decided to stop the rioters using Social media. “Everyone watching these ... Read More »