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E-Mails Now Part of DARK SOCIAL!


Gone are days of Yahoo email chains that are forwarded for months. These days if you use an email to share links or any information with your friends, you belong to the DARK SOCIAL. Until a few years back email was THE way to communicate in the internet and we used to share links and information that we find interesting ... Read More »

Facebook will be ending Email Service after it failed to reach the public


Facebook will soon be ending the email service that through was seamlessly integrated into Facebook remained unused and was just there serving no purpose. The Verge has reported that the will now only as a forwarder and by default forward all emails to the user’s primary email address, user’s can still turn-off this feature. “Most people have not ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Become Famous on Facebook


Do you want to become famous on Facebook? This is a goal many people have – even if it’s just their “15 minutes of fame” that they’re after. Because Facebook is such a large social network, it’s actually easy to become popular and famous if you go about it the right way. The list of ideas below will help you ... Read More »

Facbook Losing Millions of Users??

Facebook seems to be having a problem, it’s losing it’s only asset, it’s users. Facebook is reportedly losing millions of user per month in the US. So why are people fleeing Facebook? It is hard to say, maybe Facebook has all along just been a fad that is losing it’s shine. Mass migrations towards alternate social network with new online ... Read More »

Zynga Shares Down 7% After Facebook Deal Ends

Zynga and Facebook are officially no longer friends. This has caused loss only at Zynga side, as it’s share went down by 7 percent. Zynga and Facebook have loosened their contract so they start looking the other way. Which means Facebook can now start producing its own games. Zynga on the other hand is no longer required to provide games ... Read More »

Facebook is building a search engine to take on Google?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to go hunting the big guys now. He is after Google. Facebook is working on a Search Engine to compete with Google. But be warned Zuckerberg, Microsoft tried it and wansn’t really successful. Aside from denying plans to build a smartphone again, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg also revealed some insight to the social network’s search engine ... Read More »

Microsoft Buys Yammer for $1.2 Billion!

Microsoft will be taking over Yammer, the social network for companies, for $1.2 billion. Is Yammer really worth $1.2 billion? Microsoft doesn’t seems to care if Yammer is worth the buck but wants to jump into the social networking bandwagon as soon as possible and with Yammer in it’s pockets it will really help jump start the process. Yammer specializes ... Read More »