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Facebook Like button turns one year old

On April 21, Facebook celebrated the “Like” button’s first birthday. Just one year ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the F8 developers conference to announce the advent of the “Like,” along with a host of other Facebook expansions. And today we find the Like button almost in every websites. Cool! What is a Facebook Like Button? This may ... Read More »

Docs Warn Facebook Can Cause Depression!

Looks like Facebook has got its own mental disorder! Its called ‘Facebook Depression’! I am not kidding here a group of doctors have actually done enough research to link Facebook to a new kind of depression and named it “Facebook Depression”, caused by excessive obsession with social networking sites. Don’t think you can’t catch “Facebook Depression” because you only use ... Read More »

Facebook is now more popular then porn!

Now this is a achievement that Facebook can really brag about. Yes, its official Facebook is now more popular then porn sites. People prefer wasting their time in Facebook then in porn sites. This seems to be at least the trend in UK. British internet users prefer surfing at social networking sites then going to porn sites. I wonder what ... Read More »

Facebook Growth in US slows down to only 5%

Facebook’s growth has slowed in the US and some European countries, as the company appears to be reaching its saturation point in the western world. In December 2010, only 5 per cent of new users joining Facebook were from the US, according to data provided by Inside Facebook Gold, a research company that analyses data patterns from the social networking ... Read More »

Facebook and Twitter usage will cost your job: UK

Government and council employees in the UK using social networking sites at work or posting inappropriate comments from home are likely to face serious action, which includes being sacked. Police censured eight employees last year after they found using police computers to chat with their friends online. Another council caught staff using special software to get around a ban on ... Read More »

Verizon to End the Unlimited Data Party

It’s the beginning of the end for unlimited data plans on smartphones. Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile carrier, plans to stop selling unlimited data plans to new customers and instead introduce two service plans with monthly data caps. The new data plans are expected roll out over the next four to six months, according to a report in The ... Read More »