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PS4 – What’s New?


The PS4 aka PlayStation 4 is now available and on sale, so here are some information about the PS4 that can help you get started in the basics of PS4.  1. The PS4 is on sale November 15 in North America for $399. That’s $100 less than the Xbox One, which includes the Kinect accessory. It hits stores in Europe ... Read More »

Sony Announces PlayStation 4!

PlayStation 4 is coming. Sony in a press event today has announced the upcoming gaming console PlayStation 4. But sadly they didn’t let us see the actual PlayStation 4 itself. They just took some time to let us know they are still into gaming. PlayStation 3 was released back in Nov, 2006. Sony has been kind enough to at least ... Read More »

Sony Kills PlayStation 2!

Sony has officially ended the PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 has been around for 13-years and has been very successful as a game console. During the 13-years, Sony has sold over 150 million PlayStation 2. Which means PlayStation 2 is the best selling game console of all time! According to Japanese tech publication Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan announced this ... Read More »

Sony to cut 1,000 jobs on efforts to reduce costs

Sony Corp., Japan’s largest exporter of consumer electronics, is eliminating about 15 percent of its mobile-phone unit’s workforce to reduce costs at a business that trails Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. The reduction of about 1,000 jobs will mainly be in Sweden, Sony said today in a statement. About 650 positions will be cut from its mobile division’s headquarters ... Read More »

8 Once Great Tech Companies That are Now Struggling to Survive

Companies that were once the pioneers in their fields spearheading the field of technology and electronics with their innovation, manufacturing unmatched gadgets that were in high demand, reporting profits that attracts envy from every other company who are now struggling to just stand-up. Thanks to new and emerging technologies companies that failed to quickly adapt them have been falling back ... Read More »

Michael Jackson’s Secret Affair With Whitney Houston Revealed

Michael Jackson’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, the one who also claimed that Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael II alias Blanket is his son has revealed some of the secrets of Michael Jackson’s life in an interview to The Sun. Matt Fiddes has revealed the intimate details of Michael Jackson’s life, his addiction to prescription medicine, his impotence and details about his ... Read More »