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6000 Santa Clauses Run in Spain!


The Santa Clause run, “mini-marathon” organized in Spain drawn over 6000 people dresses as Santa Clause and his elves. The event was organized in the streets of Madrid to promote the festive cheer. While grown-ups dressed in red costumes with wispy white beards, children donned green elf outfits to run the 5.5 kilometer (3.4 miles) course through the city center. ... Read More »

Spain Gets Upgraded by S&P


Spain seems to be doing quite good that Standard & Poor decided to upgrade its rating from negative to stable. This is a major step that has removed the risk of Spain being downgraded to a junk state. This has also averted a major economic crises in the euro zone because Spain being the fourth-largest economy could stumble the already ... Read More »

13-year-old finds mistake in Metropolitan Museum of Art map

New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) is one of the world’s premier destinations for artistic and historical exhibitions. But this epicenter of worldly culture is not above admitting the occasional mistake. Even when the correction comes from one curious 13-year-old boy. The Hartford Courant reports that 13-year-old Benjamin Lerman Coady found an error in the Met’s Byzantine ... Read More »

Anonymous Hackers arrested!

Spain Police has gained success in identifying the Anonymous hackers after they arrest three people connected to the hacking of Master Card, Paypal and Amazon. The arrests were made simultaneously in three Spanish cities – Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. Anonymous Hacker had earlier claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony, Spanish banks because of the World Govt action against the whistle ... Read More »

iPhone App to track Parking Officers!

Of all the crazy/useful iPhone apps this app seems to be one really useful one. The developer was inspired to develop this app after he was constantly hampered with parking tickets costing him over 1000’s of dollars per year. This Australian man developed an iPhone app that will let users warn each other when parking officers are spotted lurking near ... Read More »


Its the grand finale of the FIFA World Cup 2010! Its about to start in a few mins. This could be a real treat. The Spain have been at this stage finals before 3 times and the Netherlands for 2 times. The Spanish team remains the same with no changes at all. The Dutch have made 2 changes, bringing back Nigel de ... Read More »