Saturday , 16 October 2021
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40% of Accounts on Facebook, Twitter are Spam!

A new report by an anti-spam company says that 40 percent of accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites are just spam. Bummer! This is not going to help Facebook stock recover. 40% is a shockingly high percentage which will come to 1 in 2 accounts as spam accounts. This is really not going to boost our confidence ... Read More »

US Man spams facebook with 27 million spam messages

An US Man named “Sanford Wallace”  has surrendered himself to the FBI on the chargers of spamming Facebook with more than 27 million messages. It is reported that, Sanford Wallace, developed a software that breached Facebook’s spam security, thereby luring millions of its users to submit their account details BBC reports the Prosecutors as saying, ” Mr Wallace’s program posted ... Read More »

Kama Sutra virus dupes with sexy promise

Computer security firm Sophos has warned that hackers are spreading a nasty computer virus with a file promising a PowerPoint presentation of sexual positions from the Kama Sutra. “Be careful what you do with that mouse,” Graham Cluley of Sophos said in an online post. “When you click on the file you do get to see a real PowerPoint presentation, ... Read More »

Notice Of Unreported Income Email

It seems that many of you might have received an email from IRS giving notice of unreported/underreported income. BEWARE! It is a phishing SCAM! Don’t respond to it or better don’t even open it. Just delete it. The fake email notice from the IRS about unreported income pretends to be a legitimate IRS Notice called a CP2000. However, this one ... Read More »