Wednesday , 29 March 2023
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Apple Paid Only 1.9% Tax Outside US!

Apple the corporate giant has paid less than 2% corporation tax on it’s profits outside the US, its filing with the US regulators has shown. Apple paid $713m (£445m) in the year to 29 September on foreign pre-tax profits of $36.8bn (£23.0bn), a rate of 1.9%. It is the latest company to be identified as paying low rates of overseas ... Read More »

Convicted Tax Cheat Gets $104 Million From IRS

An ex-banker and convicted tax cheat who told the IRS how his employer, UBS, helped thousands of wealthy clients duck U.S. taxes has just been awarded $104 million by the U.S. government, a sum his lawyers say is the largest payout ever for a whistleblower. Bradley Birkenfeld, who was released from federal prison six weeks ago, pleaded guilty in 2008 ... Read More »

Got Pets? Pay More Taxes!

We’re not kidding here. Can you believe that the Italy parliamentary commission had actually proposed a tax on pets. Presenting the “dog and cat tax”. If you have an “animal of affection” you got to pay more taxes. Now, who the hell came up with this idea? This law was proposed to raise revenue for debt-strapped cities and towns. What ... Read More »

June is yet Another Weak Month for US Retail Sales

The US retailers were already reeling from the new consumer frugality but in June, incessant rain and raising unemployment further dampened sales. Stores that had made strides in recent months reverted to double-digit declines. Overall, the industry posted  a 6.7% decline in sales for the month, in contrast  to a 309% increase a year ago, according to  the Goldman Sachs ... Read More »