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What is my IP address?

What is my IP address? Have you come across this annoying thought? To begin with, It is the  most relevant search done by almost every individual who uses an internet connection. Why is it necessary to know a IP address? Knowing your IP address will help you in many ways. Right from  connecting to net, using email services, social network, ... Read More »

Engineering freshers required Ford Technology Services India

There  is  a very great opening for all the Engineering graduates particularly 2009 Passed out student  to work with  the  IT  sector  of  Ford Technology. Ford technology services a leading company in  car production has an immediate opening in the IT sector. To apply  for the  job, Visit the following link below Under the  link,  click on the  ... Read More »

High-frequency trading: useless and manipulative?

I found an interesting  article on the concept for High Frequency trading . The credit for the post is deserved by The explosion of interest in high-frequency trading has started to drag new faces to sometimes staid industry conferences. Traders who for years worked on algorithms and computer codes behind the scenes are stepping into the spotlight. They’re appearing on more and more panel discussions, feeling the need to defend ... Read More »

NASA release new ButterFly shaped Galaxy pics

I was browsing online and i came across  this latest  Galaxy pics released by NASA. We know our galaxy is spiral shaped. Sometimes, thinking on this “Life outside Earth” and  about the thousands of  galaxy presence freaks the fear out of  us. Recently NASA has released pictures of galaxies that was taken by Hubble Space Technology. The most interesting part ... Read More »

Color Picker : Steal the nature Colors

Have you ever wonder of  picking the color from the nature itself  with the pen or some thing. Few of us have desires to  steal the nature in the paintings, but do the painting always resemble the nature color??? Technology has a perfect answer for that friends. There is a color picker device that will help you steal all the ... Read More »

Artificial Brain only 10 years away

Technology here has improved so much that in today’s world everything is possible. The only thing that human was not able to manage is to  learn how to operate Human Brain. A small carelessness in operating the brain will leave to immediate death of the patient. This trouble involving brain operation is about to be changed  in exactly 10 years ... Read More »