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Yosemite Waterfall Turns Lava Fall!

Every February Yosemite national park’s waterfall turns spectacular by turning into lava. A window of time just opened in Yosemite National Park when nature photographers wait, as if for an eclipse, until the moment when the sun and earth align to create a fleeting phenomenon. This marvel of celestial configuration happens in a flash at sunset in mid-February — if ... Read More »

Man Trapped in Snow for 2 months

A Swedish man has shocked the world by surviving in a snow wrecked car for two months without having any food. The 45-year-old from southern Sweden was found on Friday by snowmobilers who thought they had come across a car wreck until they dug their way to a window and saw movement inside. Man, this guy has given a new ... Read More »

Geminid meteor shower 2011

Buckle Up! The 2011 Geminid meteor shower starts on the night of Dec. 13-14, and despite the glare of a nearly-full Moon, it will be party time for sky watchers. “Observers with clear skies could see as many as 40 Geminids per hour,” predicts Bill Cooke of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office.  “Our all-sky network of meteor cameras has captured ... Read More »

Where to Shop this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving weekend is here.   Thanksgiving is usually marked by National holiday in which People have a healthy meal with their family and closed ones, with the traditional thanksgiving Turkey. People, then, go out shopping to buy gift for their family and loved ones to show their love and gratitude towards them. To describe in simple words, “People give thanks to ... Read More »

National Coffee Day

September 29th is National Coffee Day. I have been a coffee junkie for so long and this is the first time I am hearing about a National coffee day. So, anyway, coffee day it is. So what should we do on a Coffee Day ? Well to start coffee is free today at many fast food chains across the country. ... Read More »

Why Facebook changed its design?

Why did facebook changed its design? Is perhaps the question among millions who are irritated with Facebook’s sudden change. Early this Tuesday, Facebook  has changed most of its look by adding new features such as top stories and  ticker. According to the Facebook blog , “News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper. You won’t have to worry ... Read More »