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Apple Stock Raises by $50!

Apple stocks is in cloud 9 in Wall St. After Apple posted it’s profits that blew away everyone’s expectation. It was way higher than anyone could have ever imagined! Apple is now the most valuable company in the world! In fact, today Apple is the stock that propelled NASDAQ. Apple’s stock shot up more than $50 a share Wednesday after ... Read More »

Wall Street Confirms iPhone 5 Release Date

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be available to the public by September. There has been no official word from Apple regarding the iPhone 5. Wondering how did Wall Street come up with this date then ? Its because of the supply lines. Pegatron Technology, a Taiwan based notebook manufacturer has received an order for ... Read More »

US Growth Estimate Lowered

In a surprise and unexpected move the US Department of Commerce has cut its expected 4th-quarter growth from 3.2% to 2.8%. While the government is expecting a lower growth, analysts were having a different opinion. They estimated the growth to be 3.3%. Economic growth for the whole of 2010 was also revised down slightly, from 2.9% to 2.8%. As well ... Read More »

New York Police to get New Sirens that Whoop!

Looks like the very common police sirens in NY are going to be the thing of the past soon. The NYPD is in the process of replacing all the sirens  with new sirens that do powerful whooping noise with sound waves that the public can actually feel, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The screaming whine of police sirens is ... Read More »

Hackers infiltrate Nasdaq!

Hackers have broken into a Nasdaq service that handles confidential communications for some 300 corporations. The company said, exposing another vulnerability in the computer systems that Wall Street runs on. The infiltration of Hackers did not affect the trading systems of Nasdaq and no customer data were hacked. It did not cause any unwanted panic in the Nasdaq trades. A ... Read More »