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US may face Water crisis in 40 years

In 40 years, climate change and increase population may push the United States to a major water crisis, says a new report. Sujoy B. Roy, director for research and development (R&D), Tetra Tech Inc., Lafayette, US, and colleagues explain that population growth is expected to increase the demand for water for municipal use and for power generation beyond existing levels. ... Read More »

Alien Life to be found in Antarctic ?

Looks like there is more secrets in the Antarctic ice then just the history of Earth. A Russian team hit 12,365 feet deep of ice last week to find a buried ancient fresh water lake and with it tons of secret, but it might have a surprise as well. Seeing parallels between Antarctica’s subterranean Lake Vostok and suspected oceans beneath ... Read More »

Milk found Adulterated all over India: Health Department

Indian Health department has shown serious concern over the continual availability of adulterated or diluted Milk all over the country. The study, conducted this month by the food safety and standards authority of India, found milk was adulterated with skimmed milk powder and glucose, or more shockingly hydrogen peroxide, urea and detergent. Hydrogen peroxide is used in bleach, while urea ... Read More »

Three Eyed Fish caught in Argentina

A Wolf fish having three eyes, has been found in a reservoir near a nuclear power plant in Argentina. As per the Sun reports, the three eyed fish  was caught by fishermen in Cordoba. Whow! Seems astonishing to see cartoon coming alive in real life. Three eyed fish, Planet having Two Sun all were fantasies before but not anymore. Three ... Read More »

How to clean my home after construction work?

Been into cleaning recently? After having an average construction work in home- for instance Cutting and sanding construction materials — including drywall, tile, masonry or wood, one might find an impossible task waiting for them underneath their feet- Dust! cleaning and wiping the home after an construction work is never easy. I found an interesting article on, on similar ... Read More »

A robot that can walk on water

I am not talking about Jesus here. Maybe, the Jesus of the robot kind. Scientists claim they have developed an aquatic robot, one that can walk and run on water. Phew, scientists and their claims. So, lets look at their claims. An international team says that the microrobot mimics the amazing water-walking abilities of water strider — the long-legged insect ... Read More »