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19th Amendment gave Women the Right to Vote

Can you believe it? America, the land of Democracy and freedom for speech had no laws to favor woman to vote in elections 90 years ago.

That means, your a woman and no voting for you. This trend was followed 144 years of America’s democracy period.

To break this unjust practice, the 19th Amendment was passed today to make sure woman were allowed to vote.

The 19th Amendment  to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, prohibiting any federal government agency, state or local government to deny a citizen the right to vote based on S-EX-.

This Amendment was passed after so much trouble in the constitution where some people didnt want the law to be passed. Finally, in 1920 the law was passed.

What do you think on this topic? Are woman just a being that have no rights at all. I certainly will thank the constitution member who gave the woman their rights as a citizen of its country

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