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American President Barack Obama “a noble prize peace winner”

obama-official-photoAmerican President Barack Obama  has  driven from  normal to great  heights that a person can ever get. Right from the election campaign he started and  till now in his president  office ,  he has made the entire  world  speak on him

To say he has been a center of speech from people to  politicians across the globe. Some claim  he has  done a  extraordinary job and some  call him  worst than previous office held.

Well here is what the Nobel committee has decided, Mr. Obama has won the Nobel prize for  peace  for his  extraordinary effect to thwart the Nuclear  Weapons and   continuous effects on his part to increase  peace particularly  religional peace around the world.

One thing if for  sure now,  he is now being criticized  more. Few  who believe  he doesnt really  deserve the  Nobel prize has come out in open in  American News Paper and giving their  own  views on this  award.  has gone to an extend of getting a poll survey from their  online visitors to know what people think. I think that is a good option, People view is all that counts :)

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