Tuesday , 21 March 2023
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Coke & Pepsi concerned over Cancer

The Directors of  Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc have ordered their manufacturing companies to lower the inclusion of the chemical named “Carcinogens ” to avoid being tagged with a “Cancer” warning  in it cans.

Earlier, California law makers passed a law  restricting the use of a chemical named “carcinogens ” that is used as a coloring chemical in the soft drinks. The move came after a consumer group warned the regulators about the possible cancer risk the consumer faces on drinking Pepsi or Coke every-time.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group,  filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration earlier this Feb to ban the use of ammonia-sulfite caramel coloring citing their concerns on the  experiment made on rats and mice that illustrated the possibility of  Cancer.

What do you think on the whole story? Will you stop your kids from having coke or pepsi? Share with us your views

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