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2012 Volkswagen Beetle Photos

Volkswagen is all set to release its brand new Beetle 2012 at the new york show room this Monday. The third generation Beetle has been significantly redesigned in an effort to give the car a meaner, sportier and more masculine look so it appeals to a broader base of consumers.

VW Design Chief Klaus Bischoff described the new Beetle: “The Beetle is now characterized by a clean, self-confident and dominant sportiness. The car not only has a lower profile; it is also substantially wider, the front hood is longer, the front windshield is shifted further back and has a much steeper incline. All of this creates a new dynamism,”.

The new Beetle 2012 has way better features then its previous designs. Some of its features include flat roofline, wider and longer than any other model.

Along with an entry-level 2.5-liter 5-cylinder driving the front wheels, the 2012 Beetle will also be offered with a sporty 200 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged motor and a thrifty turbodiesel, which VW says will be good for 40 mpg highway making it the most fuel-efficient Beetle ever.

Phew, so much of  added benefits in the new Beetle 2012. The prices of the new beetles is yet to be announced. Lets wait and see how the Beetle 2012 ends up in the market. Its scheduled release is to be around September 2011

I have uploaded the pictures of  2012 beetles

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