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Amy Winehouse Didn’t Die From Alcohol Poisoning???

Amy Winehouse Death ScandalNew evidence suggests that Amy Winehouse didn’t die from alcohol poisoning.

According to initial reports published after the death of the pop-star Amy Winehouse, her death was caused due to accidental alcohol poisoning.

But the scandal seems to have emerged now, suggesting that the woman who performed the autopsy was not qualified for the job.

The coroner who oversaw the autopsy of the singer did not have the proper prerequisites to deduce that the singer died of accidental alcohol poisoning, reports TMZ.

Assistant Deputy Suzanne Greenaway did not have the required five years of experience to get her position, but her husband appointed her anyway. The scandal led to the resignation of her husband.

The Winehouse family has no desire to exhume Amy’s body for further analysis, and did not ask officials for the new investigation.

London officials will be introducing a new inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death.

Which means the cops will be reopening the Amy Winehouse’s death case.

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