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Baba Ramdev Issue? Whats happening in India?

For those who are unable to figure out whats happening in India on Baba Ramdev’s issue. Let me bring forward on what is really happening between the Govt and Baba Ramdev factor.

Baba Ramdev’s Fast

Baba Ramdev, who is a famous and well known Yoga Guru through out the world decided to go forward with indefinite strike on June 4th, 2011 to protest against the Indian Govt on the financial crises that the Govt has landed the country by protecting some corrupt people.

Baba Ramdev’s stand is that Why the Govt is protecting the people and their black money.

Baba and Govt talks:  “No deal” Striked

Although, we had three rounds of talks between Baba Ramdev and the Govt, no possible deal was striked . Forcing Baba to go for the strike.

Lokpal Committee stayed back

The Lokpal Committee that involved the lights of very famous and known social  activities like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and some others stayed back from the Baba Ramdev’s strike.

We found differences between the committee on whether to support the Baba Ramdev fast or not.

Strike Goes On

When the Strike begin on 4th of June, People just started pouring in to support the cause. Major Members of RSS as well as BJP ( opposition to the Govt) were seen at the spot where the strike was held.

Indian Govt Chips In

In the early morning of  5 of July around 1 am in the morning, Delhi Police and few more security panel stormed into the  Ram Lila where Baba Ramdev was on strike and lathi charged his supporters.

Ramdev Baba was arrested.

RSS and BJP reacts strong

The very first reaction of the BJP was “the arrest and insult of Baba Ramdev was from Sonia Gandhi orders” and demanded the PM as well as Sonia Gandhi to apology to Baba Ramdev and the people of India.

Announcing the party will go on with nation wide protest, BJP President Nitin Gadkari said in a statement, “The incident that took place yesterday at midnight at the Ramlila ground is one that has blemished democracy. Those people were protesting against corruption and black money through democratic means. But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi ordered the atrocities on these people” .

Govt Targets Baba Ramdev and his donors

Indian Govt, led by UPA, decided to target Baba Ramdev property on how could a yoga guru had crores of Indian money under his name.

AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh went a step ahead by terming the yoga guru as  a “fraud”.

Indian Govt Justifies the Crackdown on Baba Ramdev

Union Minister Kapil Sibal said the crackdown at the Ramlila maidan was justified. He said Ramdev went back on his word to end the fast. Sibal said Ramdev was given permission for yoga shivir and that yogis shouldn’t teach political asanas.

BJP Uses the Oppurtunity

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi says this is the beginning of the end of the UPA govt. The reactions from BJP high level ministers just proves what Govt was trying to defend.

Indian Govt Defence

Indian Govt in their defense pointed out the RSS factor and BJP factor seen among the Baba Ramdev’s strike is very fishy.

Congress Ministers claim there is a serious threat to Baba Ramdev’s life. There are people who are trying to kill him and use the chaos opportunity to blame Govt and try to bring it down.

The arrest in the Congress point of view, was done inorder to save Baba Ramdev life.

Baba Ramdev is  Safe

After the arrest, Baba Ramdev was escorted to Dehradun, where his ashram is located. Baba has been banned to visit New Delhi for the next 15 days.

Baba Ramdev vows come back

The Yoga guru vows he will come back with more number of strikes in the future.

Our Reactions

We feel this whole issue was unnecessary.

The lokpal draft led by Anna Hazare was a perfect oppurtunity to remove the corruption as the panel was not comprised of communal leaders .

Rather the panel was involved with Ex- Serviceman ( Anna Hazare himself ) , Social Activities. These were the people who shed their blood for the Indian People and their rights.

Had not Baba Ramdev listened to some political party and separated from Anna Hazare views, the whole incident would not have happened.

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  • Mirza Ghalib

    congress n govt. is feared about money at Swiss and what to say about Mr. Sibal for whom corruption is religion and if it goes than where ll these ba***** go. One thing is really disturbing that masses don’t understand the gravity of corruption, alas! whole of the India can join this movement ,where there is no difference in thinking against corruption and it would be more motivation if person from Govt. agency could come and join the movement. Police and other forces are also welcome to join the movement AND MAKE SYSTEM TRUE DEMOCRATIC. JAI HIND

  • priceandspecifications

    it a nice step has been taken by baba ramdev to become a revolution in india.

  • Divya

    only Ramdevji can fight these corrupt leaders.Annaji seems a congress agent..just to divert the attention from Babaji.