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Camera that captures 1 Trillion Frames Per Second

A camera capable of visualising the movement of light has been unveiled by a team of scientists in the US.  Given a moment, the Camera could capture one trillion frames in a matter of Sec.

Whow! With the help of the Camera you can now capture the movement of Light itself. Pretty Cool! eh!! But how did they do it?

For readers who are in thoughts on how this  could be possible, the technology records a certain frame and goes on to repeat it  again and again until the effect is created.

Camera that captures 1 Trillion Frames Per Second

I have attached the video, where the MIT ‘s scientist are shown explaining the secret of the technology.

In the Video, you can note how the camera uses Streak camera, which is basically a slit that lets light pass through. The camera then uses a rapidly changing electrical field to deflect the light, measuring not just the photons coming through the slit, but also when they arrived. The result is a plot of light coming through that slit over time.

Direct recording of light is impossible at that speed, so the camera takes millions of repeated scans to recreate each image.

The methodology shows the main limitation of the system: It can only be used for recording something you can “shoot” over and over.

The team said the technique could be used to understand ultra fast processes.  The images have been turned into films lasting roughly 480 frames.

In the end though, using the power of technology and camera angles, they have perfectly managed to record the miraculous event.

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