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Fat People are Mostly English Speaking

A recent report by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) says that 6 out the 7 top obese countries are English speaking.

Obesiity, Part of the American Dream?

Obesiity, Part of the American Dream?

The countries in the world with the highest obesity rates are (in order) USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. With the exception of Mexico, all the fattest countries have one thing in common – they are English-speaking nations. In fact, the latest OECD report on obesity rates of 33 countries includes 6 English-speaking ones in the top 7, and none in the rest of the list.

Among the ten slimmest countries in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) are countries such as Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Austria – a good spread of northern and southern European lifestyles as well as two Asian nations.

Many nutritionists and health care professional link this to the American lifestyle. Since most of the world are imitating and trying to live like a American they also become fat like an American.

The concept is simple though the American lifestyle usually involves a lot of fast food and stays in dinners due to travel, business and many other reasons. Its already known that Fast foods makes people fat. In this hectic world we just go with it cause we have no other choice and finally end up becoming fat.

Being countries that speak the same language, they are more likely to absorb and embrace features of a major nation more readily and rapidly. So, why Mexico? Historically, Mexico was never an overweight country until recently. However, during the 1990s Mexico joined NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and acquired US business practices, and perhaps also other behaviors, such as driving everywhere, living on TV dinners, and embracing fast food outlets. Osmosis is probably a likely factor too; Mexico is next door to the USA.

So next time someone wants to live the American Dream get FAT first!

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