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Iran a victim of West conspiracy!

As you might be aware of the recent developments in Middle East (led by Iran with some help from China and Russia) Vs West (Israel, US, UK, France, Europe, Arab), One might wonder , “whats going on! why this hype”.

I decided to stay away from such post but the unjustified provocation from Israel and its allies towards Iran made me write this article.

Sanctions over sanctions on the poor nation Iran isolating it from the world and continually giving it warnings of Military attack, the west is upto something. Lets investigate it.

Governments way to communicating War

Firstly, to brain wash the general public about the forthcoming war, the Governments use Newspaper and Media to create panic. Look back into the dark history,  the Governments had always used the same media to create panic and fear among its people telling them that the War against the nation is the only option.

Whether its citizens agree or not, the Government will still go for the war. They dont care what you think. Its their political decision that matters for the elites.

Look now, what the newspaper Headlines read, “Israel may attack Iran”

“Israel to strike soon”

“US concerned over Possible Israel attack over Iran”

The message is clear, the Newspapers are doing it. Putting into your minds about the upcoming War.

Iran, a Peace loving nation, is now the Victim . To say in two words “Another Iraq”.

For general users, who think the West is eying Iran for Oil, your Wrong.

If you users think, the West is afraid that Iran will get the nuclear weapons, You are wrong again. To say, Iran possessing a nuclear weapon will not even give a small scar to US or Europe.

For years, Attack on  Middle East nations were planned. 9/11 was just a false flag tool for a war on Middle East nation. Just Google on 9/11 false attacks.

On the day, September 9/11 attack happened, the interview session with the then Israeli PM Sharon revealed horrific news.

Sharon told US “Iran, Libya and Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq.” Read the article here

They wanted Iraq, they invaded Iraq and toppled the national regime and Iraqi peace by killing Men, Woman and Children.

They used the Libyan uprising and toppled its ruler and have control over it.

For Syria, their plans have worked and they are now reaping the benefits of Syrian violence.

So, as per Sharon’s list, who is next, its Iran! Everything has been planned very earlier then you think. They have been  eying Iran, Iraq, Middle East nations for  decades.

Israel says they are scared about Iran’s nuclear ambitions whereas as per Iranian reports they say Nuclear program is for their national use.

So, if Israel is so scared as per their statements, the same fear Iran would have felt decades ago when Israel successfully developed its nuclear bombs.

Israel was the very first nation to become a nuclear power. Read the Wikipedia article on Israel Nuclear Program here

If Iran has attacked Israel when it became the nuclear power in 1960, do you think the world would have stood with Iran???

Israel Used the World Powers

When the world power was used cleverly by the Israeli dictatorship to invade Afghan and Iraq, the world sank into recession, job loss, mass suicides, debts.

How much debt does your Country have? Had US stopped its free distribution of money to Israel and Egypt, they would have paid the nations entire debt by now.

Oh yes, Why did they favored Egypt Ex President Mubarak and gave huge money to them next to Israel? Well, you might be knowing this.

Egypt blocked its border for Palestine, stopped the food supply to Palestine people in one end whereas Israel ripped down the heart  of Palestine and committed mass crime against Humanity on the other end.

Besides, the only country that is capable of destroying US with is nuclear weapons is Israel and not IRAN.

Why do you think Britain, US and others are continually worried and are now opting out of the center stage?

They knew it all along, they knew a day will come in which they have to back down and leave the way for Israel.

How many times did the Israeli leadership defied US and its allies, but  US treated her with respect and care. Had it been any other nation, US would have declared WAR and would have eliminated the nation.

For all you folks out there, For all you readers, Dont just support the war on Iran.  Speak out against the War! Speak out against the injustice.

On the contrary, your opinion does not count to them, whether you say NO WAR or STOP WAR, they will start it.

The only way is to educate yourself and your friends from this crime against Humanity!!!

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