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Is Government afraid of Baba Ramdev: Questions Indian Citizens

The action of the Government yesterday made me write this article today. I am a citizen on this country and am bothered about what happens in this country which is not acceptable as a citizen without taking sides. It hurts and bothers me since it threatens the peaceful living of innocent citizens like me.

What wrong did Baba Ramdev do to get this type of treatment? He has been preaching and educating the common man for the past so many years in all his camps about all these issues. Today he has started emphasizing on these issues. That is the major difference.

My perception is that all these days the government did not think the recognition or the awareness will grow into such a huge proportion the Government got frightened and was forced to take such a step. The people in the helm might have thought that the Swamy in orange robes can be handled easily and brought under their whims and fancies.

Gandhiji also was taking such stands which made the British government to take such severe steps and the results are known. Is this government following those footsteps and trying to dig the grave for themselves? Why this Government is so reluctant to sit and discuss the issue in detail? To be frank the
step should have been initiated by the government at least after the exposure of so many scams. They should have come forward and welcomed the initiatives taken by all these people and given full support. That would have raised their respect and credibility to unexpected heights.

When such an uprising is taking place people from different walks of life will definitely join hands or will try to support and extend their solidarity. Why the government should have objections to it.

The attitude and the reactions of the government clearly lead us to think that they are reluctant because many of their names will be exposed. How can such people be allowed to be at the helm to lead and govern this nation? This is a serious matter to be thought about by all learned and civilized people of this

Article Contribution : Vijayalakshmi

Edited by Shane

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