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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “liar” : French President Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “liar” in remarks to US President Barack Obama overheard by journalists.

“I can’t stand him any more, he’s a liar,” Mr Sarkozy said in French.

“You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day,” Mr Obama replied.

The exchange at the G20 summit was quoted by a French website, Arret sur Images, and confirmed by other media.

The remarks – during a private conversation – were overheard by a few journalists last week but were not initially reported. However, the reports started leaking later when Israeli media took it to notice so does other French media.

Well, well, well, see who is calling him a liar. Sarkozy? The man who is known for his full submission to Israel and its interest is suddenly standing up towards its master. Sounds fishy.

And Obama saying he has to deal with him everyday.Lol! Seems like a big crazy game to me.

Of my analysis on the West mysterious relationship with Israel, never will they speak against her, nor will they embarrass her. Cause, their wealth, Government, Power is being controlled from Israel.

If  they cannot speak against Israel, Why are they suddenly doing it?

If you ponder on this very question with angry birds circling your head, just think for a minute.

Have you ever heard an incident in History of Earth where the Countries turned down  an Israeli interest? No, not until this recent UN resolution where nearly every other country supported the Palestinian interest and voted in favor of them for a new state.

Things are getting clearer and clearer every passing day.

There is a big big movement going out there to isolate Israel from the World eyes which will appear like Israel is alone in this world with Muslim countries surrounding her threatening her every minute and so.  Which is not so!

It is Israel who is threatening the World and Muslim nations, not the other. The Muslim nations are merely responding to the Israeli attack.

Coming back to Isolation of Israel, think it this way. You got backing of all the West, but suddenly they are not helping you out which is ofcourse a well planned drama portrayed with lead actor  US to bring sympathy towards Israel.

People will think, Oh Poor Israel, no one to help it and West has betrayed it and Muslims are threatening it. So when Israel after this careful drama, comes forward and captures Muslim nations such as Iran, Egypt. People will then wake up from the sleep.

Israel to attack Iran? Are you joking?

Every minute, as we speak, they, the power hungry zionist are pressuring their Government to attack Iran. And what name will they go for the war on Iran?

You know it, common it is a most common West household word.

War on terror? Yes you are nearly there.

War on Mass Nuclear Weapons?  Bingo, you are there.

I reckon, Nuclear Weapons will be the scapegoat word for them to attack Iran as they did with Iraq.

If any  country that is to be attacked for its global role in destruction, then it should be Israel first and then US. But  it is vice versa.

I decided to write the article in more elaborate way, as i am fed up with the Bullshit they come up every other day.

Seems like, God Willing, the Return of  Jesus, Son of Mary, is very near!

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