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Why so much hype into Saudi Woman lashing?

U.S. soldiers search for weapons on an Afghan man

Saudi Woman named ‘Shema’ was sentenced to 10 lashing by the Saudi court for breaking the ban of  woman driving in the country which was against the country’s law which was then overturned by the Saudi King Abdullah .

I fail to understand why there is so much hype particularly generated by western media who are running behind this issue like a flame in the candle?

Ok, she was sentenced to lashing, but that is there own problem and not yours Mr. West!

Why is that the media often trying to convince the people over a minor issue but failing to cover the major issue?

It is well known from what wikileaks revealed and all other individual research that ‘In the name of War on terror’, US and its allies, killed, tortured  the Men, raped the woman and mass murdered the children.

Well, this was not covered by any of the media folks. And here it is the lashing sounding a big problem to them.

Feels like stupid to observe all these developments and keeping still without commenting on it.

Firstly, what rights did US and its allies give  to its woman? None!

If you take the History of US in 1920’s, the US Constitution were seriously considering whether  one could consider Woman as an equal to man and finally gave them their right to vote. At that moment, America was into 144th year of Independence.

Why 1920, let speak about today?

When a Country by the name Palestine who had lost their rights to live after UN partitioned them in May 14, 1948 to create Israel,  came toward UN seeking help to recognize them [Palestinians] and give them their land as it was during 1967 before Israel – Arab war,  US  just VETO it.

V-E-T-O d   IT!

For those who dont know what is VETO, here is what Wikipedia has to say,

A veto, Latin for “I forbid”, is the power of an officer of the state to unilaterally stop an official action, especially enactment of a piece of legislation.”

Not only did She [US] Veto’d it, it also asked its allies to VETO’d  it.

At all these happenings, the west media was having a cool place in the home, sleeping.

And the issue of Saudi lashing is waking them up!

Sounds very fishy.

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