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Fire Forces Australia plane to land

An Australian plane seems to have made an emergency landing in Guam international airport. All the 203 passengers in the plane are safe and unhurt. The landing was made as fire occured in cockpit which is the heating system of the plane.

The Airbus is operated by Jetstar and was on its way to Australia from Japan when the incident occured. The incident occured when the Jetstar plan was four hour away from  to the gold coast in Queensland.

“Smoke became evident in the cockpit and one of our pilots was required to use an extinguisher,” Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway told Australia’s ABC News.

“We conducted an emergency diversion to Guam international airport where the aircraft landed without incident.”

David Epstein, an official from Jetstar’s parent Qantas Airways, said an electrical connector for the heating system had gone wrong, but the situation had quickly been brought under control.Such incidents are not uncommon, he said, adding that it did not raise new safety concerns about the A330-200 model.

Most of the passengers were reported to be Japanese nationals.

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