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Israel has no will for peace-Syrian President

Syria said this Wednesday that there is no peace deal  possible with Israel because the Jewish state is simply not committed to make peace. Syria seeks  fruitful peace talks with Israel, but also  demands the  commitment from the Jewish state to withdraw from the whole of the Golan Heights, which have been under Israeli occupation for the last 43 years.

In a statement Syrian President  Bashar al-Assad said after meeting his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias,

Achieving peace requires an Israeli partner and commitment to international law, United Nations resolutions and the land for peace principles. This Israeli partner does not currently exist,” he added.

Earlier Turkey served as a peace mediator between the two country , but it was suspended last year. Believing that there is still opportunity for peace between the two nations Turkey has stated willingness to mediate once again.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered in May to talk to Syria but indicated he would not make any commitments on land first. His foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, blamed what he termed Syrian manoeuvres for not returning to negotiations.

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