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Japan Earthquake latest Photos

Destroyed in seconds! This will be the exact term to bring out the grief within an individual on watching the photos and videos on Japan and its tradegy.

The March 11th Tsunami has resulted a huge loss to the government both economically and financially. The estimated loss to Japan government after quake is said to be more than $14 billion dollars. The estimation may rise upto $46 billion, as the officials continue to dig out wood, broken house, cars,etc.,.

The death count is over 1800 , as per official records. However, we came across an info that more than 10000 people who are missing may be death.

We, at Thfire, along with the millions, pray for Japan’s early recovery from the natures wrath.

We came across latest photos on Japan Quake and Tsunami aftermath via Yahoo!. We have uploaded few pics and we recommend you to see the remaining pics in the official Yahoo website.

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