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Dubai’s ‘Mall of the World’, a Climate-Controlled City

Dubai a place where a building from drawing board to construction can happen in less than 48 hours has set its eyes on a climate-controlled city.

Prototype of the city has been is shown in the video at the top.

World’s first climate-controlled city, Mall of the World is to be built in Dubai.

World’s first climate-controlled city, Mall of the World is to be built in Dubai.

The city should just be a big mall and it has been rightly named as Mall of the World. It will sit on a 48 million square feet area and will be the first city-sized enclosure that will allow its residents to completely avoid natural weather conditions.

Using 4.5 miles of enclosed promenades, the vision of Dubai Holding, the developer of the project, is to allow visitors the ability to experience normal city life inside the controlled environment for weeks on end.

Although the idea of such a massive enclosure might seem off-putting some, because of Dubai’s extreme summer temperatures, which average 104 degrees, the temperature-controlled environment could become the region’s most popular destination. During Dubai’s winter months, when temperatures average 73 degrees, the city’s enclosed promenades will be opened to allow in the fresh air.

Included in the city will be 100 hotels and luxury apartments, a “wellness district” designed to attract medical tourists (an increasingly important aspect of Dubai’s business development) and what the project’s developers expect to be the largest theme park in the world.

“Tourism is key driver of our economy and we aim to make the UAE [the United Arab Emirates] an attractive destination all year long,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, in a statement on Saturday. “This is why we will start working on providing pleasant temperature-controlled environments during the summer months.”

Accompanying the announcement of the project, the developer also unveiled a slick teaser video (see above) showing off the design of the climate-controlled city, a futuristic set of images that bear a striking similarity to the kind of science fictional enclosed cities depicted in films like Logan’s Run.

While the immediate intention of the Mall of the World may be to offer luxury in the middle of the desert, in the light of increasing pollution concerns in major cities like Beijing, the atmosphere-proof development may end up showing the entire world the way how such enclosed cities might work practically if we ever need them.

The company hasn’t revealed how much the project will cost, nor when it will be completed, but given Dubai’s history of successfully completing similarly ambitious development undertakings, there’s little doubt about the viability of the project.

Cool isn’t it Dubai is taking the first step towards a modernized-future city. What do you think about Dubai’s initiative, let us know in the comments below.

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    How wonderful..

    The Kathuria crime clan and Devhyani can have apartments within.

    All the non divine, the peasants, not elite and uber-wealthy upper echelon 1% top earners can rot without and no need to mingle! No need for the India elite to provide sanitation and toilets for the many.

    Seriously, it looks to clinical and way to creepy, like a facility or institution.

    Will they need a slide pass, or a minimum bank balance to enter this magnanimous retreat?