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“Our Jobs will Stay With us”,US President Barrack Obama

American President Barrack Obama has once again recalled the statement which he is doing, since he started his election campaign.

Obama’s golden words , “Our Jobs will stay with us. No more will it be outsourced to India, China or Germany”.

If Obama succeeds to stop outsourcing then it will a blessing for America and disaster to the countries like India, China.

Obama’s words are like the old quote ” Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Obama today quoted that “America had returned to robust competitiveness and the danger of jobs and industries fleeing to countries like China, India or Germany was over.”

“When I took office, we put in place a new economic plan that rewards hard work instead of greed; a plan that rewards responsibility instead of reckless; a plan that focused on our middle class, (and) making them more secure,” Obama said at a Democratic Fund Raiser in Austin, Texas.

Mr.President future adds “US was competitive over the long run so the jobs and industries of the future weren’t going to China or India or Germany, but were going to the United States of America, right here.”

Is it possible that jobs will be retained in US?

The Key for this question holds with the young  Americans. President always claims the Education reform is the best way  to retain job. Last decade, thanks to video games, US quality graduates were continual in decline.

As young talent is considered  as “the future” for any nation, US president also acknowledge this stand by wanting a better education for all the young Americans.

“Instead of giving special interests free rein to write their own regulations, we demanded new accountability from Washington to Wall Street so that big corporations had to play by the same rules as small companies and by individuals. That’s only fair,” Obama said.

Observing that it took nearly a decade to enter the current phase of the economic mess he inherited, Obama said it’s going to take some more time to “dig our way out” of that hole.

“The devastation that has touched so many of our families, so many of our communities, that is going to take some time to heal. And I hear those stories firsthand wherever I travel.

I hear about them in the letters that I receive every night that I read from people who are doing their best to keep on striving towards that American Dream, but keep on hitting a bunch of road blocks and are looking for help.

So the road to recovery is long and it’s filled with challenges. And I’m under no illusion that we’ve gotten there yet. We’ve got a lot more work to do,” he said.

Continuing with his critic of the Republican policies, Obama said: “We’ve got a choice between a forward-looking agenda that is rebuilding the structure of this economy so it’s working for all Americans, or just going back to the same stuff that got us into this mess.”

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    president obama seems to have forgotten the fact that india suffered for decades due to “brain drain“ and the usa was the sole beneficiary. unlike gulf countries, wherein indian immigrants worked and sent out huge foreign exchange back to the country, the best brains which went to us stayed put there and helped us economy grow. now that the trend has changed, obama is crying woolf..