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How to follow Rajinikanth at Twitter?

How to follow Rajinikanth at Twitter?

rajinikanth at twitterHow to follow Indian Superstar Rajnikanth at Twitter, might have been a million dollar question for his fans worldwide, but the latest celebrity to join Twitter  shocked them all.

Superstar Rajnikanth took everybody by storm when he finally joined the Twitter last week. Ironically, Rajnikanth’s late entry to twitter, only proves his famous movie dialogue, “Dude, Nobody knows When or How i will come, but you can find me there at the right time”.

Fluence, rajni’s onlime media management agency, said in a release, “The normally reticent Rajinikanth looks forward to interact more actively with his fans on social media”.

“I decided to start with Twitter because I felt that the platform is abuzz with all the news I’m told that this is where all the bestRajini one liners are! I have always believed that my career graph is a miracle I owe my fans. I have been contemplating joining the social media platform for a while to connect with them, hear what they have to say and share my thoughts. Unfortunately, I never got around to it until now,” he said.

Twitter users around the world can follow and converse live with Rajinikanth by visiting Twitter.com/SuperStarRajini or @SuperStarRajini on the Twitter app.

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