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US courts denies parents to take over Adolf Hitler


US court today denied the parents to take custody of the boy named Adolf Hitler and his 2 sister.

Who in the world will name a boy Adolf Hitler? They did!

It is said that the boy’s father “Heath Campbell” who was inspired by Nazism, named his kids after them.

I don’t mean to be rude, but is this  the only name they ended up with from the billion names to select!

Reports merge online that the resident shop keepers denied to decorate the cake for the kid because his name is Adolf Hitler. Some social activist suggest “the Kid are in danger in the society with the fallout of denial of services and care.”

Seriously, this is bound to happen when you name someone Adolf Hitler which is often referred by the christian believers as the second “Anti Christ” .

This paved the way to US court to step in and act for the benefits of the Kids. The court denied the handover of the children to their parents and is now taking care of the kids.

A simple solution for this issue would be to  Change the name of the kid. Or else the innocent kid will surely suffer the wrath of this society.

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