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US tornadoes forces 2 nuclear reactor shutdown!

Are we seeing an another Japan? The recent Tornadoes impacting US killing at least 45 people and causing widespread damage, forced the shutdown of two of its reactors.

According to the Guardian,  The series of tornadoes that began in Oklahoma late last week barrelled across the country, with North Carolina, where 22 people died, the worst-hit state.

The US nuclear safety regulator said on Monday it was monitoring the Surry nuclear power plant in Virginia.

Dominion Virginia Power said the two reactors shut down automatically when a tornado cut off power to the plant.

A backup diesel generator kicked in to cool the fuel. The regulator said no radiation was released, and the staff were working to restore electricity to the plant.  The tornadoes were among the worst in the US in the past two decades.

Are you a resident from Virginia , Oklahoma? Share with us on the horror of tornadoes you faced via comments.

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