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california election results 2010

The California Primary Elections 2010 are taking place today as California voters went to polls today to cast their votes in the primary elections. The California Primary Elections will decide who will be running both for Governor and for the US Senate. California voters are very much serious in voting wisely because they know that one of those candidates could be a great leader in the future.

Richard William Aguirre 44,803 4.0%
Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown 939,873 84.0%
Lowell Darling 18,817 1.6%
Vibert Greene 26,874 2.4%
Charles “Chuck” Pineda, Jr. 47,268 4.3%
Peter Schurman 16,853 1.5%
Joe Symmon 25,641 2.2%

Bill Chambers 17,253 1.5%
Douglas R. Hughes 13,652 1.2%
Ken Miller 15,585 1.4%
Lawrence “Larry” Naritelli 24,033 2.3%
Robert C. Newman II 18,485 1.6%
Steve Poizner 287,455 26.5%
David Tully-Smith 13,084 1.2%
Meg Whitman 699,043 64.3%

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