Monday , 29 November 2021
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Every opening has 4.6 jobless workers!

So, for all those unemployed people is finding jobs get harder and harder by the day ? Looks like now you can prove that it is hard.  The Labor Department has found out that for every opening, requirement in a concern there are 4.6 jobless workers. The frighting news is this will only keep getting higher. So, if you have a job, better thank God for it.

It was just 4.3 last month and now its 4.6.  Only seems to prove the incompetency of  the Government.

During the 2008 recession  it was just shy of 7.  But even though the Government seems to tell us that recession is under control and every thing is moving in a positive trend.  The Labor Department’s reports seems to indicate otherwise.

Though the ratio of workers to openings varies form one region to another, it’s perhaps the best measure of the struggles the jobless face in looking for work. Now, it’s sky-high by historical standards.

I thought we elected a guy promising change a few years back, where is he ?

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