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Fans to decide Barbie and Ken’s Future ?

For all those Barbie fans, you must know that Barbie and Ken split up on Valentine’s Day in 2004. So if you are still worrying over it, here is a chance for you to play cupid and bring Barbie and Ken back together.

Toymaker Mattel has launched a massive social media campaign asking Internet users to help Ken, now in his 50th year, win back his old flame. After all, if dolls can’t make it in the age of social media, who can’t?

The campaign is being held at, all you have to do it open it and vote. There is a love-o-meter that goes from ‘don’t even deserve it!’ to ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘Ken is your soulmate!’

So, depending on the votes it can go either way. Right now the indicator is between ‘let him down easy’ and ‘it’s complicated’.

What more can you do after you vote ? Well you can annoy your friends in Facebook, Twitter and email asking them to vote and exercise their voting rights! Cause to vote for the relationship status of dolls is not option but their duty!

The campaign also uses Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, FourSquare, and Hulu to spread the message. Fans of either doll’s accounts will note the two “flirting” online. For instance, after checking into the Metropolitan Museum of Art on FourSquare, Ken left the tip: “Barbie could spend hours looking at the timeless art, and I could spend hours looking at Barbie.”

Not sweet enough? Mattell has also partnered up with Magnolia Bakery in Los Angeles and New York City to create a special cupcake that will only be sold on Valentine’s Day. In a mock press release covering a Ken sighting, Mattel wrote, “On a mission to prove he’s the ultimate boyfriend, America’s most fashionable “first man” was overheard saying that designing a dessert for his beloved at her favorite bakery would really take the cake. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, that’s the kind of sweet-talking a girl can really go for.”

But despite the grand “gestures,” Barbie seems torn. Her @BarbieStyles handle recently tweeted, “At a loss with what to do about @OfficialKen. A walk on the beach is exactly what this Malibu girl needs” – referring to one of her classic incarnations, Malibu Barbie.

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