Sunday , 23 January 2022
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Former US Presedent’s Grandson ARRESTED!

Ronald Reagon's Grandson Arrested

The grandson of Ronald Reagon,  40th President of the United States was arrested today at his parents house in LA. The police arrived there after someone in the house pushed a panic bottom.

When LAPD officers arrived at the home, Cameron Reagan — son of political radio host Michael Reagan — was screaming profanities at the cops.

Reagan was ultimately taken into custody at 12:20 AM. He was later booked at a Van Nuys jail on the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest at 5:49 AM.

He’s still in police custody.

It’s not Cameron’s first run-in with the law — back in 1999 he was sentenced to six months in jail on charges of receiving stolen property for his role in two car burglaries.

I guess Cameron Reagon wants some media attention. Well atleast this is not new to him.

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