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Girl with IQ of 161, That’s Higher Than Einstein!

girl with IQ of 161, Lauren MarbeA girl with an IQ of 161 has finally been found. She is the first to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein.

Lauren Marbe, a 16-year-old girl of Essex has an IQ of 161.

The IQ has score is a result on Mensa brain test, which Lauren Marbe and her friends decided to take for fun.

“Her remarkable brain test score means she is now officially smarter than Professor Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein – who all have an IQ of 160,” The Telegraph reported. Marbe isn’t unlike other “normal” teenagers, however, even if she is technically a “genius.

The girl with the IQ of 161 enjoys watching reality television, going to the nail salon, and doing regular teenager things. While she is getting international attention for her IQ, she doesn’t seem like she’s a “nose in a book 24/7″ kind of gal. She’s just really, really smart.

“I love my fake tan and fake nails as well so I guess I am a bit of an Essex girl in that sense. I watch TOWIE and I love the programme, it’s addictive but now most people do seem to think that’s what everyone in Essex is like (sic),” Marbe said.

The girl with the IQ of 161 does really well in school and has high hopes for her future. While she is looking forward to attending the University of Cambridge (she wants to study architecture), she also would love a career in the arts. According to the report, her dream is to become a professional singer or dancer.

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