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Los Angeles To Get Gigabit Internet for Everyone?

Los Angeles To Get Gigabit Internet for Everyone?

LA sure have set their bars high. Real high. Los Angeles wants a gigabit speed of internet connection in every home, business and government building. Anything within the city limits must be a gigabit connection!

The city of Los Angeles has around 3.5 million residents and it is going to be no easy task getting a new fiber optic system installed in the whole city. This is sure going to be one hell-of-a-task to get it done.

The city plans to issue an RPF seeking a company who can run fiber to every home, business, government building within the city limits.

Guess what? Well, the government is not going to spend a penny to get this done.  It wants the chosen provider to do everything out of their own pocket. However, the provider that does spend the estimated $3-$5 billion to build the network would have access to a huge number of potential customers.

However, the chosen carrier would have to sell wholesale access to other carriers. The company builds up network could offer television and telephone services as well. The network would offer free broadband Internet that could be supported by ads to everyone with plans available to purchase offering gigabit speeds.


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