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New York Police to get New Sirens that Whoop!

Looks like the very common police sirens in NY are going to be the thing of the past soon. The NYPD is in the process of replacing all the sirens  with new sirens that do powerful whooping noise with sound waves that the public can actually feel, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The screaming whine of police sirens is as much a part of New York’s atmosphere as the skyscrapers and bagel carts.

But that will change to a system called the Rumbler which mixes a low siren with a vibrating rumble that pedestrians and drivers can feel.

Robert Martinez, head of the New York Police Department’s vehicle fleet, told the Journal that 500 cars will have the new siren by summer. All newly commissioned vehicles will be fitted with the Rumbler until the whole fleet is equipped.

“It actually reduces noise,” he said.

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