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Police Charge 4 people With US grave Scam

A person paying respect at the grave

A person paying respect at the grave

The most disguisting act of digging out the grave for money has happened at one of the cemetery in Chicago. No guesses, it was done for Money. The people involved in this scam used to dug out old graves and dispose the remains of the previous bodies and resell it to others for new ransom set of money.

Money controls world and Human’s, this incident is the perfect example for that. The Cemetery is known to be legendary with many legends resting in peace there. The Bones and the damaged stones from the cemetery were found on the other overgrown side of the cemetery in Alsip, 20 miles (30km) south of Chicago.

It is shocking to learn that nearly 300 graves have been damaged for own selfish use.

It makes me wonder How the Kins of the dead people would recognize. I mean we may think that the resting people is our relative, but if these scam people replaced it with other body. Then its really hurting the sentiments of the people who believe their father or mother or husband or wife is there.

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said “it is really shocking and beyond startling. The money that the scam would have fetched them may be about $300,000 (£184,000) over four years”.

He added that those involved in the scheme would sometimes leave remains in a grave and then “pound them down and put someone else on top”.

Investigations are On to find out about how they succeed to dig a grave and the bodies in it for so many years. More people can be linked to this act, police suspect. The chief concluded the interview adding , “the old unknown graves were the targets of these scammers”.

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