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What it Took to Kill Osama Bin Laden?

According to the official statement released from the President of  United States of America himself, the US army took Osama Bin Laden out.

When the President  recalled the dead of the innocent Americans and the triumph of destroyed America’s Most Wanted, People starting crying emotionally.

The most important information to be remembered from the statement of President Obama is “More than 3000 innocent Americans died that day when the terrorist ran through the planes into the twin towers.

Am sure everyone is celebrating the death of the poster boy of terrorism. But before we go there let us take a moment and analyze what we took to reach that milestone, we are so proud of right now.

We invaded 2 countries for this one man. We killed 109,865 innocent Iraqi civilians till date and we also killed 8,832 Afghan civilians. Not to mention that we have destroyed hundreds of homes, schools, hospitals, towns, cities…. etc. These are just “reported” figures from US military sources. The real numbers might be far more greater than  imaginable.

The death of Osama is good news, it helped me look back and I asked to myself ‘Are are worse than they can ever be?’.

Our President proudly declared that, “Justice has been done.”. Am sure the ones who died in 9/11 are not going to think the same. Nobody wants their death to be avenged by killing children, destroying people’s homes and ruining millions of people’s life.

One thing that struck my mind, which I find very disturbing is that American is fine with this whole episode. They think their life is worth more than a that of an Arab. The President’s statement had it written all over it.

How it all Started?

On September 11, 2001,  the twin towers, a mark of American pride was destroyed by the planes  witnessed by thousands of people all around the world.

America Goes to War

Following the twin tower attack, people of  America was so mentally destroyed that when America decided to go war against Terrorism, People didnt stopped the Government. ( Which they later regretted!!!)

For the next few months Media and the Government, just spoke about terror, terror, terror , terror, terror, Osama, terror , terror, Osama…. which was continued until War on Afghanistan began.

America War Crimes against Afghan and Iraq

Asiantribune says ” The hard fact is that the US armed forces are suffering from battle fatigue, having been engaged in needless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which have taken a toll of 4,765 US military personnel in Iraq, 2,403 in Afghanistan and having slaughtered 1,421,933 Iraqis and over 30,000 Afghanis at a cost of US $ 1,180,653,714,792, was bound to have an adverse effect on the US combatants and turn them into “Kill Teams”.

3000 American deaths equals 1,421,933 Iraqis and over 30,000 Afghanis.  Our intention here is to highlight the war crimes of  American government against the middle east countries.

Now, America wanted Osama real bad. He was the prime suspect with 0 evidence against him except for some tape were he himself declared he was responsible. The authenticity of the tape cannot be verified. After all the US had nothing in its hand to launch an investigation that would lead to a culprit.

You can read more about America’s war crimes by visiting here, Killing Kids, civilans by reading here

Rumors Spread out Osama Bin Laden dead in 2005

Highly trusted source and rumors spread around 2005 that Osama bin Laden has died due to Typhoid. The report was said to be confirmed by France, British. However, no official confirmation came by and still the War on Terror continued.

American People realize the mistake

American people began to feel the heat. They were losing more people than they thought they would and there seems to be no visible end to this war plus they couldn’t afford it anymore. They seems to be stuck in a quicksand. But many Americans were happier with their life and never cared about the innocent life of other people who were being killed in the middle east.

The American Government on the other hand was attempting a suicide. They went on to allocate more money for the military operation thereby pushing the country into even more debt.

Out of Blue President Obama announces Osama Bin Laden dead news

When people were least expecting, President Obama came out and informed us that Osama bin laden has been killed by an US led attack. As per statement, Osama bin laden was in Pakistan, 120 miles away from Islamabad when the US army attacked him and killed him.

American People Celebrate

When people heard the news, they came to streets and celebrated on what to described as “Its one of the events which required celebrations”

The Other Side of the Osama Bin Laden dead

Few people who already knew the truth , reckon America could no longer hold its soldier in the Afghan as they are gaining enmity among the Afghanis and its military.

Trusted source say , Government knew Osama bin Laden is dead years ago. But they have maintained their control over Afghan to stop Taliban.

However hard America tried they could not end Taliban. Meanwhile, American Military became restless on the failing war against Taliban. So a high end drama of  announcing Osama death was conducted so that the USA army can be pulled out with triumph that Osama is dead and mission accomplished.

Our view

Well, my stand is different. I have argued on how everything was planned and American people have no other choice but to fall into the trap.

I see a great war ahead and great danger to people around Libya, Syria, Egypt. I reckon the Army will be relocated to the above mentioned place.

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